Friday, July 6, 2012 soon is soon?

WHEN soon is soon?

This book is already written. (Yay!) I am in the process of revising it and preparing it for publication--which is not as time consuming as actually writing it but which is still not exactly a quick process. I would love to have it out by the end of July. How realistic is that? I'm not sure...which is why I would be satisfied to have it out some time in August. How realistic is that? Still not sure...which is why I would not be heartbroken to have it out in September.

So why the wide range of possible release dates? Well, I've learned from past experiences that sometimes things go wonderfully right and that sometimes things go horribly wrong. And quality is a priority. I read and reread and reread and reread and reread. And then I find a small mistake, wonder how I missed it, and reread again. Eventually, there comes a point where I just know the book is ready (not that it's entirely free of mistakes, necessarily, but that it is ready). And then I reread it one last time and let it go. But that moment of knowing is as much out of my control as the mail service, which also plays a part in how soon the book is available.

I realize this does not help you much if you are trying to figure out when to be watching for this book's release, so what I recommend is that you either do the "Follow by Email" thing (located in the sidebar) or "like" my author page on Facebook (located here Candace Christine Little Facebook page). I will update this site and the Facebook page as the time draws near--and with either of those two options, the info should come to you instead of requiring that you keep checking back. And when the actual day for release arrives, I will provide links here and on Facebook to many of the places where the book is available.

Now to get back to work to make this happen... :)

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